Architecture is a sensational experience

Each person aspires to one thing… happiness. And what is happiness if not the sensation of well-being with ourselves and the space around us?
Nature is our role model in creating this communication between man/woman and the surrounding environment.
All of nature’s creation has the capacity to create a dialogue, a relationship, with humankind. All of nature’s creation can evoke sensations within us- of awe, of wonder, joy, lightness, of peace. Architecture, following natural principles, can be the way to a place of well-being within ourselves and with our environment.



For expansion, for sharing, reflection, creativity, action.

An architect needs to understand, synthesise, and sympathise in the true sense of the word, and then use this sensibility to each the most hidden and precious desires of the client. From there, it’s about manifesting. It’s about finding the right balance between these dreams, financial objectives, space, objects, and other factors.



Space, objects, materials, textures, furnishings, technology…all have the potential to make our life better. They are at our service. Together with open spaces and open outlooks, interior design and architecture can r-evolutionize our daily life.


Space and its potential. The moment a client shows me a space- whether it be a new home, a piece of land, an old building, or whatever it may be- my role is to bring LIFE to that space, together with the client. Modelling the space on the energy of the client.


Holistic architecture is not limited to our homes, it extends to all of society. This R-Evolution of daily life is deeply connected to all aspects of life... work, play, rest, family. Imagine a community built on this foundation... integrating our lifestyle and wisely choosing how our resources are utilized.


Working Method

The Process is Greater than the Sum of all its Parts


I choose materials that can tell their own story. They bring their own sensations and energy, and they are telling their own story during and through time. It becomes alive, just like in nature- their origin.


My methodology is called: TQRE (Total Quality Real Estate) and is a complete and whole working system, valid for Real Estate ventures and for private projects. CONCEPT PROJECT ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION SALES SERVICE

team work

Working in a team is essential; the talents and expertise of each component working towards a common objective (the Project) is the base for the realisation for each project. The contribution from each team member during each phase of the development gives the Project an incredible value in terms of vision, expertise, skill, craftsmanship, creativity.


- The Evolution of Architecture -


Project VVitaliano
A sensational experience Italian style... more than just Made in Italy

Our life is composed of instances, moments... Moments and sensations. The sensation of well-being and contentment when we feel the ocean breeze, or when our eyes behold the setting sun. Humanity as a whole has always been searching for that special place that can make us feel good, feel complete, feel safe...that unique place where we can feel at home with ourselves. A combination of colors, textures, light, open spaces, materials, shapes, all those important details that you are in the right place, right now. This is VVItaliano.

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